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Action Breaks Silence receives no government funding.

To sustain our current work and broaden our impact, we rely on the generosity of our donors and our corporate supporters and partners. We look to work with partners individuals and organisations that share our core principles of Equality, Respect and Inclusivity - and that share our passion to reducing gender-based violence and create sustainable societal change.

In order to deliver our programmes and create safer communities in South Africa we currently need to raise income of at least R2,362,521.00 a year for the next 3 years.

Help Those In Need By Volunteering

We rely heavily on the helping hand of our volunteers, at our workshops and programmes in schools. 

Please get in touch​ with Action Breaks Silence if you're interested in becoming a volunteer. 


Helena G
Helena G - Volunteer

My name is Helena Gudjonsdottir and have volunteered for Action Break Silence (ABS) on a few occasions since 2014. I studied Anthropology at university and have always been passionate about people, cultures and traditions and the various injustices that can exist around these. When I found out about the charity I knew I had to contribute in some way, as the issue at the heart of their cause is so incredibly important and touches so many people’s lives globally.

I joined the ABS team in 2014 when I went with them to Mumbai, India. During that trip we taught around 3500 women and girls through the Empowerment through Self-Defence workshops. This experience was truly life-changing and I could see first-hand the empowering impact ABS has on the lives of everyone involved. Being able as a volunteer to participate in the workshops and speak to the women and girls involved was unforgettable.

I knew that I wanted to continue to be involved with ABS and this year I was fortunate enough to join them on a trip to South Africa where the new Hero Empathy Programme for boys was rolled out in schools across Soweto and Pretoria. This is a brilliant programme and we saw a lot of fantastic responses within the first classes and I am so excited to see the long-term impact it will have on the kids involved. The ABS team also taught the Empowerment through Self-Defence workshops for some amazing women and girls and once again I was touched by the stories told and reminded of the need for these workshops globally.

I have enjoyed being a volunteer with ABS and want to continue my involvement with the charity. Meeting the teams in different countries, sharing the passion and being part of something so important is something I am very thankful for and I would encourage anyone interested in supporting this charity to not hesitate and follow their gut!

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