Tema Sebopedi

Tema Sebopedi is a vibrant and passionate, award-winning South African actress who has been in a number of television programmes and films since 2006. 

Tema has played an array of characters including bossy high school trend-setter in "Pinky Pinky", for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Red Eye Film Festival 2006 and a naive Mozambican girl who gets trapped into human trafficking in "Escudo", for which she was also awarded for Best Actress at AFDA in 2005. Tema was also featured in South Africa's very own thriller "Night Drive" where she played a refugee on the run from rhino poachers to only end up being butchered to death. 

Since 2010 to 2018 Tema embodied the whimsical 'Lerato Tsotetsi', an ambitious and passionate beauty therapist on one of South Africa's soapies, Isidingo. Tema has been nominated for a South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) for Best Actress in a Lead Role for a TV Soap consecutively in 2015 and 2016.Tema was recently nominated for Outstanding Lead actress at the Royalty Soap Awards 2018. 

When Tema is not on screen, she volunteers as a Sunday school teacher for the Grade 2 class for Rhema Kids at Rhema Bible Church. She is also passionate about fitness and will be found in  the fitness studio participating in hip hop dance classes. 

On becoming an Action Breaks Silence Ambassador 

‘When one can identify love and can love them self, one is able to extend that love towards others. It is important to believe in and accept each other’s uniqueness. The self-empowerment that stems from love and acceptance allows both men and woman alike to identify and know their boundaries: what they like and what they don’t like; what they will accept and what they will not accept. With boundaries one is able to protect one’s self should one be in a compromising position that is emotionally or physically threatening.

Considering the high statistics of abuse and violence that constantly threaten woman, I would like to take the stand and collaborate with Action Breaks Silence to teach, empower and create awareness for young girls and boys, against gender-based violence’.

Muse Watson

Muse is an established stage actor and veteran screen performer with a host of widely varying characters to his name, ranging from the hook-wielding killer in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (1997), to the gentle, cat-loving con in the Fox television suspense drama “Prison Break” (2005).  From the good ole boy, Hank, in the Julia Roberts drama “Something to Talk About” to the quick to shoot mentor Mike Franks in “NCIS”.  Sixty eight movies and over a hundred episodes of TV and Muse is going strong.

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